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Tel: +44 20 8144 0868 | EMAIL

Tel: +44 20 8144 0868 | EMAIL

Empowering Women, Empowering Nations

Empowering Women, Empowering Nations (EWEN) is an organization specializing in delivering positive events and conferences, training and workshops facilities, and other activities for women and young people to educate, empower and uplift. 

Our activities are aimed at people from different ethnical and cultural backgrounds to work towards a better and connected society. In this society, disadvantaged people and communities can integrate, develop as individuals, and grow and connect as communities.

EWEN hopes to inspire and actively encourage men, women, and young people to strive for a better world. EWEN will empower through knowledge, tools and support, therefore encouraging and providing grounds for intellectual, physical and collective development.


0 %
Of all human trafficking includes sexual exploitation
0 %
Of human trafficking victims are males
0 %
Of victims trafficked in Africa are chidren
0 %
Of trafficked women are forced into labour

Sources: and (Assessed 2023)


Create awareness of the significance of women in world history

Encourage campaigning for women's services and equal representation for women in all forms of public life and social media

Provide therapy, financial aid and health care assistance to women and children who have experienced trafficking

Pave the way for a better future